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Did you know that consumers living in the United States are exposed to up to 5000 different forms of indirect marketing every day?

The most important thing to Malibu is ensuring our clients stand out in a saturated market full of mass media, digital marketing and commercial clutter. Over the past five years, Malibu saw a need in the market for a more personalised experience, now known as experiential marketing. The Malibu process gives our clients campaigns something that consumers want to engage with. A tangible experience that is exciting and memorable! 

Experiential marketing is an advertising technique that creates an experience between brands and their consumers. Our campaigns use an activation (product sampling, immersive experiences, face to face engagements and events) to bring brands to life as well as be able to interact directly with target demographics.

At Malibu, we brainstorm with our clients to develop a plan to engage their audience rather than having them become passive receivers of content. Consumers engage when the brand is able to connect with its consumer on a much deeper level than what indirect marketing can provide. We are able to offer the opportunity to drive down the cost of consumer acquisition through performance-driven campaigns as well as drive up customer loyalty through a better brand experience every time. We understand that adaptability and dynamism are key to any companies strategy, thus we can adapt to any market and any product.