our team matters to us


In our knowledge-based society, the traditional path in corporate growth is unfortunately no longer as reliable as it once was. Malibu made the decision very early on to change the way our team progressed and grew within our business. We were tired of the traditional hierarchy controlling the knowledge and holding all the power of others careers. For us, it's the front-line employees, particularly those who are face to face to people, they're the ones who hold an organisation together and we needed to acknowledge that. 


The way in which businesses are growing, we strongly believe the CEO should be behind the employees, supporting them and helping them to thrive within a workplace. The way Malibu is structured fosters an exciting, productive and client-focused environment for all of our team. Our goal is to give marketing professionals a platform to showcase their skills but also grow within the industry. As an expanding firm, we put all of our talented employees through regular professional development with a proven track record of growth. 


Our goal is to provide a stimulating environment for all of our employees by encouraging competitiveness, creativity, great work ethic and confidence. The unique way in which we go about our approach allows us to grow at the rate in which we are. 

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