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In an ever growing age of technology, we pride ourselves in being able to put the human element back into the way brands communicate with their consumers. When you work with Malibu we develop a branding strategy specific to your business to maximise your growth in the long term. Our speciality is the ability to generate long term customers for our clients without making them feel like another number. Our expertise is the reason we have a distinct competitive advantage over any manufacturer's representative, marketing agency or independent sales agency. 


Any agency can churn out white noise for products & services, but in the long run, this does no one any good. At Malibu, we focus our client's campaigns on expertly crafted brand strategies to make the biggest impact possible on consumers. Malibu has proven to be a partner for those businesses wanting to work toward an aggressive growth objective. We act as an extension of your brand to catapult you to the next level. 


01. Telecommunications

In a market place saturated with choice, Malibu creates adverts for our client to stand out. 

03. Lifestyle

We take the time to understand each of our client's audience. We understand that it's their passions that inspire them, we work with our clients to connect on a more deeper level to allow a more authentic relationship. 

05. Energy

Our essential resource is being forced to adapt to an ever-changing environment and consumer market. We work with innovative companies to create partnerships over sales. 

02. Technology

As mentioned earlier, technology is an evergrowing marketing space where the ROI on the budget is essential. Whilst touch & feel is essential in technology purchases, at Malibu we find the human element is key. 

04. Charity

In an industry where the brand and its value are the only tangible product, we pride ourselves in the highest quality representation for our client. 

06. Finance

More than any other, finance needs a sales process offering the confidence that can only be built person to person.